A Resource for Brutalist Framework


eBook Reference Guides

"Intro to Brutalism in Web Design"

A general introduction to the brutalist web design trend.

Topics Covered:

  • Origins of brutalism
  • Principles of web brutalism
  • Approaches to brutalist design styles
  • Intro to build tools & resources


"Brutalist Deconstructivism:
A Dualistic Design Approach"

An introduction to a unique perspective on planning and designing a brutalist website or application.

Topics Covered:

  • Dualism & the Behavioral Design Process
  • Deconstructive Planning
  • Constructive Building

[coming soon]

"Intro to Brutalist Framework"

An introduction of basic concepts of developing with Brutalist Framework.

Topics Covered:

"Brutalist Substyles"

An overview of 6 types of substyles in brutalist web design.

Topics Covered:

  • Minimalism
  • Maximalism
  • Memphis
  • Neobrutalism
  • Retro Futurism
  • Anti-Design & Beyond


"Intro to Blueprint Grid"

An introduction to Blueprint Grid, a multi-method layout grid system built with flexbox and CSS grid.

Topics Covered:

  • B3Grid
  • CSS Grid
  • Print Grid
  • Chaos Grid
  • PolyGrids

"Making MOLDS:
Content Planning & Design"

An in-depth look at brainstorming, planning, and designing content for your application or website.

Topics Covered:

  • Pre-launch planning process
  • Brainstorming hierarchy & structure
  • Knowing your market & audience
  • Mood boards & storyboards

"Cyber Strategy:
SEO & SEM Basics"

An introduction to enhancing your online presence with SEO and SEM.

Topics Covered:

  • Optimizing content
  • Meta tags
  • SEO & SEM terminology
  • (other TBD)

Restricting User Access"

A developer's guide to limiting user access by utilizing functions included in BOS.

Topics Covered:

  • User permissions
  • Age-restricted content
  • Password-protected content